1. Website called (Hereinafter referred to as the site or company.)
  2. Internet user uses the site. (Hereinafter referred to as a member.)
  1. To detail how your data is processed and how our services are used in accordance with the Law on the Use of Personal Data.
  1. The company will use your browser cookies for general operation. It will also process additional information such as the IP Address and Browser details you are logging in to.
  2. The company uses Google reCAPTCHA Robot Protection and the payment systems you choose when making a payment. The required data is shared with these third-party organizations during use.
  3. For general operation and user security, your data is kept in a database without third-party access.
  4. The firm does not read, process or store your sensitive payment data such as credit cards. For this job, you will be receiving service from the organization you choose at the time of payment. This data of yours will be processed by the company you will choose as stated in their contracts.
  5. The firm may charge additional commission depending on the type of your payments. This commission detail is announced at the purchasing stage.
  6. All your shopping data are stored for use in transactions such as returns and withdrawals.
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