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  1. Website called (Hereinafter referred to as the site or company.)
  2. Internet user uses the site. (Hereinafter referred to as a member.)
  1. The subject of this Agreement is about determining the conditions to benefit from the site.
  1. The company always reserves the right to make changes on prices and offered products and services.
  2. The company accepts and undertakes that the member will benefit from the services subject to the contract, except for technical failures.
  3. The user agrees in advance that he will not reverse engineer the use of the site or take any other action to find or obtain their source code, otherwise, he will be liable for damages incurred by third parties, and legal and criminal action will be taken.
  4. Site management reserves the right to terminate your membership and delete your data without any notification.
  5. This contract will be valid to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.
  6. The member must provide correct, complete and up-to-date registration information. The member is responsible for any damages that may occur due to the inability to reach by phone.
  7. The member is responsible for the password and account security on the site and third party sites. Otherwise, the Company cannot be held responsible for data loss and security breaches or damage to hardware and devices.
  8. The company may change the services offered on the site and the terms of this contract at any time, in whole or in part. Changes (if any) will be indicated as date in parentheses in the relevant articles. It is the responsibility of the Member to follow the changes. By continuing to benefit from the services offered, the member is deemed to have accepted these changes.
  9. In any disputes that may arise between the parties for transactions related to this contract, the parties' books, records and documents and computer records and fax records will be accepted as evidence in accordance with the Turkish Civil Procedure Law No. 6100, and the user agrees not to object to these records.
  10. The customer (end user) transfers the information regarding the payment method, membership and order to the payment company he will choose while making the payment in order to ensure that the payment can be made and to prevent, investigate and detect payment irregularities, and that the Personal Data Protection Policy specified on the website of that company is explained in the most up-to-date version. consents to its processing and storage.
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